Peter Devries - Creative Literature Distribution

Get creative in how you distribute literature.

Peter and his wife enjoy creative ways to distribute gospel literature.

Roxanne McGraw - Tract Distribution Walmart

Simple Ways to Distribute Tracts

Roxanne McGraw has set aside ten minutes a day to share hope-filled tracts with individuals outside of Walmart.

Vlasta Hybl - Students, the Gospel, and Scholarships

Scholarships and fundraising for Christian education

Learn how Vlasta takes out students to share the gospel and earn scholarships at the same time.

Pastor Mark Hyde - Stadium Mass Distribution of Literature

Help your church to get organized and distribute literature at big gatherings.

Have fun sharing gospel literature at sports events, concerts, festivals, conventions, walk-a-thons, fairs, and other very large gatherings in your city.

Rene Acosta - Adventist Motorcycle Ministry enjoys literature distribution

Motorcycle gatherings are great places to share literature filled with hope.

President Rene Acosta and his team share gospel literature all over the world through their unique motorcycle ministry. Learn how you can participate and help out.

Keith Reid - Associate Publishing Director of Southern Union enjoys training members in Sabbath Afternoon Outreach

Learn how Keith Reid inspires thousands of members to engage in Sabbath afternoon outreach in the communities where local churches are based.

Thousands of leads are being generated and thousands of new friends are being made as church members are visiting neighborhoods around their church building. Keith Reid explains how easily it is done using literature and how your church can make a big difference in the community.

Hans Smars - A Dedicated Full-Time Career Literature Evangelist shares the joys of ministry.

Hans trusts the Lord to supply all of his needs in literature ministry. God has not failed him!

Hans gives his testimony of how God leads him to precious souls through full-time literature ministry. He enjoys trusting God to lead him, protect him, and provide for all of his needs as he shares the sweet news about Jesus and His love.

Pastor Lloyd Johnson - Literature and Soulwinning

Learn how the Pastor sows seeds and then reaps a harvest.

Pastor Lloyd Johnson testifies about how he and his church use literature to reap a harvest of precious souls.

MyNor Cuiuch- Student Light America Mission Team enjoy Soulwinning

Soulwinning through literature ministry

These international student literature ministers have come to the USA to share gospel literature, receive scholarships, and win souls for the kingdom. Their soul winning experiences will have you shouting glory to God!

Shiona Curry - A willing youth who uses television and healthy living principles to share literature and gospel principles.

Learn how Shiona has stepped out of her comfort zone to reach thousands of youth on television with an attractive health message and cookbook.

Young people are powerful!! When they are willing to step out in faith and let God use them, He can work wonders for them beyond their biggest dreams.

Tadd Stauffer - Full-time Career Literature Evangelist reaches thousands using State Fairs

Imagine meeting thousands of people at State Fairs who are happy to visit your booth and find out about your truth filled books.

Tadd Stauffer loves using new ways to capture the attention and interest of people who desperately need our literature. He will surprise you with the ways and means he uses to be a blessing to many. He has seen God provide for him in many ways as he has committed his life to full time literature ministry.

Desmond Worrell - Literature Ministries and Personal Ministries go hand in hand

Learn how Desmond gets creative with his church in reaching thousands for Jesus using literature.

All church departments should be working together as a team to reach judgment bound souls. Desmond Worrell has helped various departments in his local church use their unique gifts to multiply their impact in the community. Enjoy his testimony.

Pastor Todd Parker - An entire church inspired to engage in literature distribution

Can you imagine an entire church involved in literature distribution? Pell City, Alabama church is doing it.

Pastor Todd Parker leads the way to the field as his entire church shares literature at the Speedway, baseball stadium, church parking lot, grocery store, and many other places. No more excuses are acceptable. Let's all pitch in!

Chaplain Tony Hall - The United Prison Ministry team uses literature to win souls for Jesus

Hear how God's providence has arranged things so that many precious incarcerated souls are accepting Jesus and being baptized.

Hear how the Lord is using Tony Hall and the prison ministries team to impact thousands of prisoners around the world with hope-filled literature. This ministry has been responsible for distributing millions of books, bible studies, and tracts in prisons and correctional facilities everywhere. Listen and be inspired!

Robert and Zulay Waggoner - Many souls won for Christ through full-time literature ministry

These career Literature Evangelists have experienced outstanding success, by God's grace, in winning souls.

This husband and wife team are Full-time Literature Evangelists who will stop at nothing to win souls for the kingdom. As they share gospel literature, they allow God to lead them to honest, thirsty souls. Hear their story.

Chaplain Joe Mitchell- Local church does consistent literature outreach monthly

"The church has left the building" are the words on the tee shirts that these church members wear in the community as they go out.

Imagine a church that dresses in casual clothes periodically, making house calls and new friends in the community. Literature and surveys are used to build bridges between the church and neighborhood. Learn how.

Lance Morrison - Publishing Director shares how God is using his team to reach many souls

Carolina Conference Publishing Director and President uses the full spectrum of BLAST components to equip all of the members for ministry.

Hear the testimony of a fired up Publishing Director proud of his team of workers and administration for believing in publishing ministry and pushing it forward in many ways.

Brent Chrishon - Career Full-Time Literature Evangelist shares his experience reaching souls through literature ministry

Brent has seen God use him over and over again to make a difference in the lives of precious souls.

Brent has a calling upon his life. He encourages all of us to take hold of literature ministry in any way that we are led to do. The main thing is that we get involved and allow God to use our gifts.

Dr. Phillip Samaan - Southern Adventist University Professor uses literature to bless Theology students

Dr. Samaan, an outstanding Professor and Author, inspires us to have faith in God.

You will not believe the experiences this man of God has had as the Lord has used him to bless thousands of people around the world. You will be encouraged to see how God provides for his own.

Java Mattison - Training future church leaders through Student Magabook Teams

Students reach millions of people around the USA each year with gospel literature. Learn more.

Pastor Java Mattison has trained hundreds of youth to share gospel literature and earn great scholarships. Hear how he puts winning teams together on campaigns to reach hundreds of thousands of precious souls. 

Les McCoy - Former Airplane Pilot becomes a Career Literature Evangelist and Publishing Director

Publishing Director Les McCoy and his Florida team are excited about sharing literature in a variety of ways.

Florida Conference uses health seminars, student programs, big book sales, supper clubs, and stadium distribution to impact thousands of souls in Florida. Learn how they have used their God given creativity to save souls.

Pastor Compton Ross and Youth Leader Shayla Dowe - Networking to engage church youth in evangelism

Church youth team up with other members to impact thousands at a yearly football event where over 70,000 attend.

Imagine a Pastor willing to adjust his Sabbath service schedule so that all of his members can reach out to  thousands of college football fans. Gospel tracts, sharing books, candy, and smiles are all given out generously to help many precious souls win at the game of life. Learn what your church can do to reach many more.

David Sigamani, Publishing Director shares how God helps you reach goals.

Publishing Director David Sigamani gives his powerful testimony of God's providence in literature ministry.

Learn how to reach your goals in literature ministry.

Sermon - President Ron Smith

BLAST Conference 2016 Sermon

Hear the Southern Union Conference President give his personal testimony concerning the importance of literature ministry and soul winning.

Sermon 1 of 2 - President Dr. Oyeleke Owolabi Nigeria Union

BLAST Conference 2016- Be inspired to move forward in literature ministry

Catch the inspiration and fire!

Sermon 2 of 2 - President Dr. Oyeleke Owolabi Nigeria Union

BLAST Conference 2016- Be inspired to move forward in literature ministry

Catch the inspiration and fire!

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