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Today, the world has over seven billion people, with an astounding growth rate of 145 people every minute. Literature Evangelism exists to build connections within local communities to share the Word with everyone. In order to complete this massive task, we need you. We exist to help you make a life-changing difference in this world.

You may think "I have no special gifts" or "I do not sound like a preacher". You can choose how you would like to participate from the different options available. Plus we provide free training and support to help you.


We have just the program for you whether you want to:

  • Distribute Gospel tracts and sharing books during your daily routine

  • Distribute sharing books and tracts freely at stadiums

  • Make new friends during Sabbath afternoon literature outreach

  • Have your own online Sales channel

  • Be a career literature evangelist

  • Earn a Student scholarship for high school and college

  • Hold a seminar presenting some of our many resources to an interested group.


Your greatest need is to have a desire to share the treasures of God with others. It is a life enriching opportunity to take the Word to your community.



Here in the Southern Union we have recently expanded the vision of Publishing Ministries to involve many more thousands of our members in outreach.

The acronym, “BLAST” sums up the new strategy we will use to reach and make a major impact on the 62 million where we live.

• B stands for Books and Tracts

• L stands for Linking Departments

• A stands for All Involved

• S stands for School Fundraisers

• T stands for Technology

Through the combination of these five components, we are engaging and equipping thousands of members to share the Good News of Jesus with millions of people in our communities.

Sign up today!!!  

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