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We need volunteers who are:

  • Minute men and women ready to move and adapt at a moment’s notice

  • Humble and teachable, able to stay focused and follow instructions

  • Not prone to complain and murmur, but to pray diligently and work hard


Prepare for:

  1. Long delays in traffic, making sure you have enough gas in the car.

  2. Adverse weather conditions. For Hot Weather bring sunscreen, sunglasses, bottled water, short sleeve shirts, hat, etc./ For Wet Weather bring small umbrella, pancho, etc.,/ For Cold Weather bring jacket, hat, gloves, etc.

  3. Much walking by wearing comfortable walking shoes.

  4. Storing your belongings by bringing a small backpack or shoulder bag.

  5. Good communications by bringing a charged cell phone, charger, pen, and paper. Make sure you have your team leader’s cell number.

  6. Sickness by bringing proper ID, medicines, and snacks if you are diabetic.

  7. Authorities by bringing emergency contact information, instructions, local church info., ID



  1. Have a group prayer before and after the event.

  2. All minors should remain with an adult at all times.

  3. As you distribute literature, pair up in twos.

  4. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, taking short breaks when needed.

  5. Distribute literature away from dangerous moving vehicles.

  6. Drivers should be prepared to pay cash (15-20.00 per vehicle) for parking close to crowd.

  7. Do not distribute literature out in the hot sun if you are prone to get sick.

  8. Never argue with authorities. Listen and follow their instructions.

  9. If asked to leave the premises, distribute literature on public property allowed by police.

  10. As you spread out to distribute books you can say, “Free Gift/Free Souvenir/Enjoy/Thank you.”

  11. Agree on a meeting time and place after distribution, and be on time.

Thank you for taking time to do volunteer missionary work for your local Seventh-day Adventist church.

May the Lord bless you as you seek to make the world  a better place to live.

If you have any further questions contact: Elder William Smith 256-698-0512

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